Yuvigi is a progressive metal band hailing from Bulgaria. The band consists of Valentin Monovski (guitars), Iavor Pachovski (keyboards), Panayot Solakov (bass, lead vocals) and Spaz Genev (drums). After just a year on the Bulgarian club and festival circuit Yuvigi had finished the songs for their debut album. In this short span of time the band's cohesion and impressive musicianship gained them a loyal following.

The spring of 2010 marked the release of Yuvigi's concept debut album – Grey Desert (Siva Pustinia). On the wings of rave reviews the band took off on a national tour in support of the record. For Yuvigi ,the highest point of the tour was being the support act for the legendary and influential Bulgarian Rock and Roll band “Signal”. The show was part of annual national radio concert and was broadcast live to millions of listeners around the country.

2010 ended on a very high note for Yuvigi. Two songs from their debut release were featured on the compilation “Thin Red Rock CD vol.1”, which also celebrated the beginning of a biannual festival. In October, partially as a showcase for the original band gig posters done by drummer Spas, the band performed a secret acoustic gig at their recording studio. The latter performance made it onto a special edition Yuvigi DVD.

In between numerous gigs and festival appearances, Yuvigi had already been working on songs for their second record. The pilot single, entitled 681, is a blistering, Bulgarian folk infused instrumental track featuring Ryo Okamoto, from iconic American progressive rock band Spock's Beard, on keyboards. Mr. Okamoto's participation in the project is a sign of recognition for the band's enormous talent - а recognition that Yuvigi deeply relish and appreciate.

In the early 2012, in a special event, Yuvigi presented the video to the track “The Wicked Tongues” (Zlite Ezitsi). Garnering wide fan reception, the wonderful animations and great camera work catapult the song into the #1 spot of many national rock radio charts making it the most widely recognized Yuvigi song to date!

November 2012 sees the birth of “From a First Person Perspective” (Ot Purvo Litse), Yuvigi's second full length album. This record marks a giant leap in the band's composition and arrangement skills, and features a complex story arc derived from the band's members personal experiences. Besides Ryo Okamoto, the album lists an impressive collection of talented guest artists, among which one can hear vocalist Miglena Tzenova-Nusheva, Veronika Laleva (of Bulgarian band Overgame), and members of the fleet-fingered classical quartet Strings.

After two years of touring and promoting their last album, Yuvigi are back with a new record - 'Come What May' - a six-song EP, packed with intense energy and diverse melodies. Along with it, the band also released a lyrics video to the single 'Hell Rains Down'. In 2016 Yuvigi are chosen as opening act for Civil War. The show in Sofia is a blast, with the band winning many new supporters. Soon after, Yuvigi make another memorable performance, this time to reach the finals of Wacken Open Air Metal Battle Bulgaria. Yuvigi are now taking the road again, while continuing work on their next album.